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You Don’t Need a CMO is a collective of some of the most experienced marketing professionals in the world today. They’ve managed brands and produced content for clients and audiences of all sizes around the globe.
We handpicked 4 of our top marketing executives to present the best digital marketing tips and tricks for 2019's fast changing marketing landscape.
We designed this specific line-up for start-up founders and business owners that want to learn how to sell their products better online.
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The Speakers

We brought together a group of people that have devoted their time and energy into digital marketing.


YDNACMO Events are a collaboration of jam-packed, fast paced and fascinating workshops from real startup marketing leaders to give you the tools to explode your marketing and growth efforts immediately.

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Rowan H. Price

How To Clearly and Effectively Describe What Your Business Does.
For some of you, there’s nothing to this - you know what your business does. In fact, you may have plenty of success describing what your business is - or what it isn’t it. But the more complex your product or service, the more likely you are to stumble at describing what it does. That’s partly because the essence of what your business does is this: for whom does it do something? As we say in marketing, your audience is concerned with itself; therefore they are less interested in how you define your business, or your product, and more interested in how you define what it does. In this brief talk, I’ll talk through a process for describing what your business does - in your marketing, in your product language itself, and as you discuss your business in person.

Sean Dillon

How do you get the most out of now? Human nature has a way of lulling us into the false belief that some hypothetical future version of ourselves will be, do, and have what we really want. We tend do what it takes to get by until then, but what if this is your time? We lose an unbelievable amount of time to distractions and as a result, we are simply not doing our life’s work.Join me in taking a close look at what is really going on and how you can take back control because—this is your time.

Chris Hanson

It might be shocking to people reading this, but I've never studied marketing, read a book on a marketing, or consciously told myself that I would become a marketer. The reality of my path to marketing mastery didn't involved a stint at Mckinsey, it didn't involve taking a get-rich quick Tai Lopez course, and it certainly didn't involve a degree in marketing. My skills in marketing have, for better or worse, come entirely from me attempting to implement and use tools to get on eyes and ultimately money into my product and services. Ironically, I've always had the same approach to learning marketing tools - looking at every single button, contextual action, menu item etc in a piece of software, and outlining it in a mind-map - to try to assess and learn the purposes and structure of all actions, mapping them in to a process. I'll tell you how to create the framework for this process and teach yourself how to market.

Max Bidna

The Facebook & Google Ads Funnel That Consistently Generates 4X ROI For Any Industry There are two quick hacks every company can do to get a higher ROI on your their Google Ads and I’ll be walking you through both step by step! They involve smart keyword picking and even smarter ad copy writing. Beyond that we will be taking the discussion one step further to see how leveraging Facebook ads on top of these strategies can boost ROI even higher.

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